Fifteen years ago we needed a greenhouse and couldn't find one that was affordable and good quality. Decent greenhouses, even tiny ones, were very expensive – and the affordable ones were flimsy.

So we developed our own design, found good quality materials, and built ourselves a few greenhouses. Then someone wanted us to build them one, word of mouth spread and before you know it we had greenhouses spread across six states, from Florida to Arizona!

Affordable. Professional. Hassle-free.

We work with greenhouses because we wanted our own, so we understand what you need and are happy to work with you on matching up the right greenhouse for your application. Just give us a call!

Although we occasionally work with larger industrial greenhouses, mostly we help individuals get greenhouses in their backyard for keeping houseplants, getting a head start on the growing season, or experimenting with hydroponics and aquaponics systems – which we can also help you get started with!

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The greenhouse frame is made of 1-3/8″ galvanized tubing, which you know as the top rail from chain link fences. We bend this in a smooth bend so our greenhouses have a classy shape that fits in any backyard!

Then we frame the ends with treated lumber and stretch 6 mil polyethylene sheeting over the whole greenhouse. We've been doing this a long time, so we can actually get it stretched tight and smooth! (which is harder than it looks!)

For the flooring, all greenhouses come with professional grade weedblock, which is a special kind of plastic fabric rather like a tarp that blocks weeds, but unlike a tarp it allows water to penetrate. You can walk directly on it, or you can add gravel or wood chips on top.

Our most basic greenhouse size is 10′ wide and 12′ long with a very affordable price of $799. This comes with weedblock, 4 year plastic, a door, installation and free delivery to most of East Texas. (We will deliver literally anywhere, but additional fees will apply depending on how far away you are.)

Our most popular greenhouse is 10′x24′ with a fan, shutter, thermostat combination for $1199. You'd be hard put to find a greenhouse with a better price per square foot installed!

We also offer misting systems to water the entire greenhouse when you're gone. We designed this greenhouse from scratch, and we do 100% of the work here in our shop, so it's totally made in the USA – which also means we can modify it pretty much any way you might want it modified. We can go wider, longer, taller, add built-in benches or hydroponic systems, heaters and coolers – you name it, we can do it!

For those seeking a larger greenhouse, we also offer an 18′x50′ which starts at $4000.

If you're wanting a greenhouse you never have to worry about again, look no farther than our polycarbonate greenhouse! Built on the same rugged frame, this greenhouse uses lifetime manufacturer-guaranteed polycarbonate sheets. This is the same stuff Coke bottles are made of – it's practically indestructible!

Of course, it's also more expensive – but we offer a 10′x12′ deluxe greenhouse with crystal-clear polycarbonate panels, weedblock, misting system, fan/shutter/thermostat, free delivery and installation for only $1999!

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For more information or to schedule an install, just call East Texas Greenhouses at 903-576-6800!