Offering efficient items for your garden...

Tomato Garden

Our hydroponic tomato gardens are a great way to maximize space in one of our greenhouses, while getting your feet wet in the exciting world of hydroponics! These can also be adapted to aquaponic systems later!

Hydroponic Lettuce

We grew hydroponic lettuce professionally for several years, and this scaled-down model of our system comes ready to plant and in as little as 6 weeks can be in full production — producing up to 20 pounds of lettuce three times every week! If you don't need that much lettuce (who does!) and you want to save space, we'll mount an adaptation of the system directly to the wall of the greenhouse!

3-D Barrel Organic Gardening System

For a great low-maintenance way of growing strawberries, lettuce, potatoes or other small plants, either in a greenhouse or just on your front porch, you've got to try our Barrel Gardening system! Each barrel can support over 80 plants!

Contact us for current pricing on any of these upgrades. And don't forget, we do all the work ourselves in our shop near Big Sandy, TX, so we can modify or customize to fit any project you need!