Terms and Conditions


Our warranty covers errors in workmanship or materials which affect the core functioning of the greenhouse or it's accessories. For minor problems that you can easily replace yourself by unplugging or unscrewing something (say, a malfunctioning thermostat or timer) we will ship you a replacement, or if you prefer, repair it next time we are nearby doing other installs.

More complicated problems (very, very rare) that require labor will be scheduled for when we are next in your area, which will vary depending on time of year and how far away you live. Warranty does not cover labor for special trips made solely to do a repair.

Warranty does not cover cosmetic defects, and does not cover acts of God, weather, heavy snow load, trees, and so on, (with the exception of the separate hail warranty below). Our greenhouses are very sturdily constructed and will *not* blow down, or apart, in any weather short of tornadoes.

However, we cannot guarantee they will not be uprooted from the stakes and blown away. A lot depends on your soil, the location, and the exact weather conditions. However, we have installed greenhouses on top of hills in open fields that have survived for decades, so the risk of it blowing away is very, very small. If something catastrophic were to occur, we will work with you to get it fixed in good faith for a fair price.

The manufacturer's separate warranty on the polycarb covers hail of up to 3/4 diameter for 5 years. Our own personal warranty covers all hail for 3 years. (These warranties only effective for greenhouses sold after June 1, 2020.) We recommend rolling the greenhouse into your home insurance coverage, if that is an option, for longer-term coverage against hail and other weather-related damage.

Under no circumstances are we liable for secondary damage from the greenhouse (lost crops, it being blown onto your porsche, an animal getting trapped inside the greenhouse, etc). In addition, the customer is solely responsible for investigating and navigating all permits, HOA approval, and all other potential legal issues in your area, and will be solely responsible for any fees, penalties, fines, or other costs that may arise.

Waiting fees / Trip fees

If for any reason the site is not ready to build on when we arrive at the agreed-upon time, we reserve the right to charge a waiting fee ($200/hour for the crew). This generally happens because the customer waited until the last minute to prepare the site and is still not finished, or because they are not present/awake/cannot be located when we arrive.

Installation is included in the cost of the greenhouse for normal installations. If your situation requires excessive work to install, we reserve the right to charge an excess labor charge. Examples include excessive carrying of the greenhouse (more than 150'), cramped spaces making installation more difficult, having to bring the greenhouse over high fences or other unusual obstacles, or anything that costs excessive time.

Also in cases where the site is grossly unlevel and still needs tractor work after we arrive, the slab is too small, there are trees/trash in the building area, pipes/fixtures in the way of construction that need moved or the greenhouse notched to fit them, etc. Once or twice it's been so bad we've had to leave the customer to fix it and come back on the next trip, for which we charge a trip fee. We assess these fees rarely, and they can generally be avoided if you have your site well prepared, large enough, and ready in advance.


The purpose of the deposit is to protect our investment in labor and expenses in preparing to deliver your greenhouse. So it's non-refundable. However, we will consider making an exception if there is a good enough reason. Just ask.

However, even in such cases we will not be able to issue the first $100 of your deposit back (we have to cover our costs in taking the payment, returning the payment, and administrative costs in preparing your order).  So under any and all circumstances, $100 of the deposit is never refundable.

Also, if your greenhouse is custom (non-standard width or length or materials, primarily), the full amount of your deposit is non-refundable even with a good reason. 

Terms and Conditions Updated On Feb 20, 2023