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To put you on our job list and start working on your new greenhouse, we take a small 10% deposit, usually about $200 – to hold your spot. The balance of the payment will be due when the job is done, payable by cash or check. We can also accept a credit card for the balance, but will have to pass the transaction fees along to you which are about $30 per $1,000.

The prices below include installation but may not include delivery, depending on how far away you live. We deliver for free to nearby areas, typically $50 ‐ $200 for most other customers. Obviously we like to be able to drive as close as possible to the install site, however we can carry the greenhouse quite some distance if necessary. We have a 4x4 truck and trailer so getting stuck is not usually a problem.

The weed block will effectively kill most types of grass by blocking out light, so no particular preparation is usually necessary for that. In particular, please do not spray roundup or other weedkillers before we arrive as some members of our crew are sensitive to the poisons.

We do not do site prep or dirt work, so before we arrive make sure we have a reasonably flat area to build the greenhouse. It is not necessary for it to be level, or perfectly smooth, only flat enough for you to walk on. We can also mount on existing concrete slabs, or if you're pouring a new slab for the greenhouse, you can download instructions and dimensions for your slab after check out.

If you have any questions about any of these things, feel free to contact us first. Now it's time to choose the size and options of your greenhouse!

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Price shown is a rough estimate only and may not include delivery or other upgrade charges.
This website isn't smart enough to figure out the total price on custom orders, but we will send you an invoice showing the total price for the options you've chosen as soon as possible. We charge a $400 deposit on custom orders.

If you have any questions about the final price please contact us
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