Get The Exact Greenhouse You Need!
Fan shutter and thermostat for greenhouse

Fan, Shutter, Thermostat Combination

Your greenhouse will gain 30-50 degrees in temperature on a sunny day, so even in winter you're likely to need to get rid of some extra heat.

These fans are far superior to passive roof venting offered by competitors, because these actively move air out of the greenhouse to allow for much better heat exchange.

All the fans are powered by 110v, and only require an extension cord to plug in, nothing special. The plug in is near the back of the greenhouse on the inside. The waterproof thermostat will turn the fans on whenever the temperature gets above a certain point - I set mine to 85 degrees - so your plants won't melt.

Greenhouse air vents

All our greenhouses come with at least one fan included in the price.

Greenhouse misting system

Misting System

Never worry about your plants when you're away for the weekend again! This system automatically waters, on an adjustable schedule, everything in the greenhouse even when you're not home!

The misting system just requires a dedicated water hose hookup, and is powered by two AA batteries (included). All our polycarbonate greenhouses come with misters included in the price.

Automatic watering and sprinkling system
Greenhouse benches


These handy benches are built to the wall of the greenhouse and require zero floorspace!

They are quite sturdy, measuring 17" deep and are about 36" off the ground (kitchen cabinet height). They can really help to make your greenhouse feel bigger, by giving your more places to store plants - or just to have a nice place to sit on a stool and work with your plants!

Benches are $160 per side for a 12' long greenhouse, $240 per side for a 16' long greenhouse, and $320 per side for a 24' long greenhouse.

Wooden workbench in hobby house
Greenhouse Hanging Basket Pipes

Hanging Basket Pipes

These are strong metal tubings that run the length of the greenhouse, typically 18" in from each side for the first set, 36" in for the second set.

Hanging Basket Pipes